10 things i want to do♥


♥1- Be more adventurous and get outdoors take in the new scenery and enjoy it. I really enjoy being outdoors instead of being stuck in my favourite thing is to go for a nice bike ride In the woods. Its so nice to take in the fresh air

♥2- Start a new sport. I love being active and finding a new passion I used to love horse riding so I really want to start it again. Its nice to find something you love and enjoy doing.

♥3-  Walk more I rely way to much on cars and transport I want to get healthier and walk it  may take a little longer to get where I want to be but I will feel a lot better for myself

♥4-  Stay positive I recently discovered a quote that read ''positive mind positive vibes positive life'' and It really motivates me it makes so much sense!. I try not to let negative thoughts come in to my mind

♥5- Don't be so shy. I'm a very shy person and find it hard to just go up to people and start chatting but I'm  trying to take a step out of my comfort zone and I'm trying to be more outspoken and not so quiet. (once you get to know me you wont be able to shut me up HAHA)

♥6- Relax and breathe trying not to stress about things or let little  things worry me just relax and breathe deep don't panic and overthink things

♥7-  Swap tea/coffee for herbal teas. I want to treat my body like a temple and start drinking herbal teas they really help soothe and relax you

♥8-  Don't compare yourself to other people. This is a big one for me I'm really bad for comparing myself to other girls and really what is the point where all different. If we were all the same it would be so boring

♥9- Start reading more. I love writing but I don't really make much time for reading (apart from the odd magazine) I would like to get into reading proper novels.

♥10- Be happy  Everybody should be happy in there own skin and be thank full for there life live each and everyday to the fullest

                                   thank you for reading