Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Vintage interior inspiration *

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share with you a few interior ideas for your home. I have been getting into interiors a lot a lately since I am moving into uni halls soon. I want to show you little bits to transform a room, from decor right up to more complex interiors for homeowners.

Personally, I love vintage/shabby chic and today I will be creating a home look based on this theme. I love the feel of shabby chic, it's effortless and feels so traditional and English.

Room colours

Bedroom - Personally, I love pale colours for a room. You could go for pastel pink, pale blue or even all cream walls and add colour with decor; this is the option I went for with my bedroom. These colours would all go with the vintage theme and it's up to you how you incorporate them into your room. When you're thinking of colours to go with a vintage theme stick with pastels!

Pastel pink

Pastel blue 

Mint green

Living room - Again think pastels but more muted ones, think about going for a cream light colour. Don't go for a loud overpowering colour as the living room is there for us to unwind and relax.

Pale grey

Muted rose 

Blinds for a bedroom

Shop the Roof Windows collection

When I was searching for roof blinds I came across a brand called Solstro. I love the choice you have on offer with them. I have picked two blinds to fit in with the vintage theme I have going on. As we're going for bold pastel colours in the room I have decided to pick neutral muted colours for a blind to avoid colour clashing.
These blinds are fitted specially for roof windows. Roof windows look amazing in a vintage themed bedrooms and really bring the modern elegance in with the theme. All these blinds are also blacked out, which is perfect to get a good nights sleep! They are also easy to fit taking less than ten minutes.

This roof blind is a perfect colour to go alongside any pastel choice it is neutral and muted so it avoids colour clashing. 

Grey is another simple colour you can pair with pastel shades. I think these two colours of roof blinds make a room look modern and clean.

If you're thinking of roof windows and are unsure there's plenty of help available over on Roof Window's website see here   They offer all types of roof windows from manually operated to electrical and solar.  For home owners planning on going for roof windows, I advise you take a look at this article 8 tips on how to choose a roof window It's easy to read and combines enough knoweldge and information you need to make the right decison. 

Little home extras to complete the vintage look

Bunting is a great idea to add a little more colour to a room. I have some bunting in my room and I have also bought some for my uni room. You can buy bunting anywhere online and in craft stores.

Cute shelves! These are my little shelves I have in my room I use them to display cute vintage trinkets. This really adds a little more personality to my room and gives it a theme.

These are just a few of my ideas, of course feel free to share yours in the comments.
What do you think of my picks? let me know in the comments

Until next time,
Lauren x