About me

Hi, my name is Lauren I am 18 and from the UK. So you've clicked on this page as you want to learn more about me! 
I started Lauren Morgan, back in August 2014 with the passion for all things life, fashion, and beauty. I love writing and it's my favourite hobby. I really take a lot of pride with what I write and love hearing your feedback, so it's more than welcome.

I am currently studying journalism at college and will be going on to my last year in Septemeber 2016. I am hoping to go on to study BA journalism at university and then hopefully I can become a journalist at a newspaper or magazine company. I love writing about all sorts of topics, generally, you will read a lot of positive uplifting posts on topics such as body image, self-confidence etc... I love making others feel happy and sharing my experiences.

I am a massive animal lover! Any given chance I will be uploading tweets, Instagrams, blog posts and facebook statuses about my cats - they are too cute and I have to let the world know!

I am also a PR friendly blogger and if you have any enquiries email me: laurenmw15@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my blog it makes me very happy that people are interested in my little posts! 

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I hope to see you soon!