Monday, 30 March 2015

Perfect day to night outfits from Esprit

Hello!  everyone welcome back to my blog today I really wanted to let you in on this lovely clothes website I've recently discovered. It's perfect for all occasions as it ranges from casual to super dressy. So I had an idea to create a lovely evening outfit for those special occasions you may have looming around the corner. And just a everyday casual outfit for work, college etc... When I first looked at this website I thought it was great how well its set out. Everything is just there for you and all you need to do is click away! The website also has a mobile website which is great for me because I am always on my phone. The section which most lured me in was the shirts and dresses. I love wearing shirts the thin blouse types they're are so fun and pretty they can be very casual with jeans,  To dress it up you could just add a skirt . I also love the selection of dresses and I think some of them would work really well for a prom dress. So here are my picks starting with day time.

Also I love how when you click on a certain item of clothing, for example shirts it will show their top 10 favourites which is great to see which are the most popular on their website. I love how all the trends are in separate sections and they're all there planned out for you. They don't just sell women's clothes they also sell kids and men's clothes and also they sell home stuff too. How great is this shop they seem to sell everything its definitely one of my new favourite online shops and I'm glad I came across it. I will be browsing a lot through this website and putting endless amounts of clothes in my basket who's with me? (Ha Ha)      (Check out Esprit)

                                                             Day time outfit

I love the black blouse the added detail bow makes it look so pretty and girly but still laid back and casual. It is defiantly  smart/casual.
 (Buy here in a variety of colours)

I love wearing monochrome and the white jeans just add to the look. Monochrome looks so chic and stylish
I love wearing it myself!
so you're not wearing black from head to toe I added some plain white jeans.
(Buy here in a variety of colours)

This jacket is so pretty and girly I just love it. The design is very simple but it works I love waterfall design jackets
they seem to be everywhere so I definitely would say get one now! they are really thin and light so its great to take you into Spring and Summer!
(Buy here)

I love these flats they're so pretty but the best thing about them is they are flat and if you're on your feet all day then these come in handy. Even though they're flats they still look pretty chic and stylish. I love the of black/blue colour of these.
(Buy here in white/black)

                                                                      Night Outfit

When you're going out you seriously cannot go wrong with a black dress its  a staple every woman should have in their wardrobe. But by buying a maxi dress makes it look really sophisticated and pretty,  great for big special events. I think this would look super nice for  prom too!
(Buy here)

You need a clutch bag when going out its just enough room to put your essentials in. You do not want to be carrying round a big hefty bag If you're at  a party because it would be a strain and it wouldn't look good with a maxi dress. So just get this pretty clutch bag I love the sequin detail.

(Buy here)

Up close the sequin clutch bag.

Heels are a must when going out to parties. But that does not mean you have to go for super high heels I think these heels are a perfect height. They look chic but they will not cause you lots of pain and ruin your night because you cant walk around.
(Buy here)

Shoes up close.

Let me know what you think of this clothes shop and what is your favourite clothing item from my picks in the comments.

Thank you for reading
Lauren x