Bye bye company magazine:(♥

 So everybody who loves company magazine and follows them on all the social media platforms (yes like me). Will know that they have announced that October will be the last issue:(. Being a massive lover of company magazine this is bad news. Too think when we take  a trip to super markets there will no longer be a issue of company on the shelfs!. But they  aren't going away totally. They are still staying online which is such a relief but sad at the same time because its hard to think how technology is really taking over are world! all the jobs taken over a laptop. What will the future have to hold? really. Everything soon will be taken over by computers. It is  something you expect to see in films when they jump to the future. I just think magazines beat computers anyday! its nice to just sit and read  a book instead of being in front of  a screen
It just shows how technology is really dominating the world.

looking back on all my collection of company magazines:( so sad that October will be the last.
newest copy of company magazine think I've re read it about 50 time yes I'm obsessed

what do you think about all this? is it a good thing for it to go completely online or not?

another good alternative fashion magazine is look Its just as good as company (but I know it just wont live up to company magazine I guess nothing will)

thankyou for reading x x

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