day out to Scarborough & surfing♥

Today has been a very good day (early start) but i have to say i was happy to get up early. I love being at Scarborough its nice to get to the coast get some fresh air and have a change in scenery i took a few pictures of the beach and surfers. I love watching the surfers i find it  very interesting to watch. I also love taking pictures of the surfers too! Here are the pictures I've taken today:). Sometimes its just nice to get out there and explore. There is a big wide world out there and so much to do. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy each day. Its exactly what i will be doing  I've literally not stopped smiling all day today. Nobody would be able to put me in a bad mood! I love it being active and having a good time

I really enjoyed watching the surfers there really talented. I was extremely happy
with this picture. As it can be  a challenge to catch a picture quick enough of a surfer catching a

Had some lunch here the scenery was
breathtaking i just love to come and relax. It makes me so
happy and calm. I love the sound of the sea

Sat having lunch the flowers were beautiful and pretty i love the colors. The sun came out happy ,happy

Words cant even describe how great this view was 

A few surfers waiting for a wave to come.

Coming to the end of my visit to Scarborough all surfers where more a less gone now
i really enjoy having trips to the coast. I would love to live near the sea. To go to your bedroom
window in the morning and have the beautiful view of the sea:)