Day out to Whitby♥

Today has been a really nice day at Whitby i think sometimes It's just nice to get out of town and go to new places and explore. I love being at the coast my favorite thing to do in the UK so i took a camera along with me to show you all what i saw and share it all with you! here are the pictures 
♥The pier is the best bit you will get the best view of Whitby and you will get some great pictures.  Took this
after having some lunch (Fish and chips obviously we are at the sea side!)

A nice little walk along the pier the sea was looking so beautiful. The sun was reflecting of it and it made it look like little glistening diamonds in the sea you had to be there to understand how beautiful it really was!

♥I kept seeing this pirate ship boat and it looked very popular the people who are steering
it are all dressed up as pirates!
♥Switching from a good quality camera to my iphone um bad move there but to say its
on a phone i don't think its turned out that bad

Have you ever been to Whitby what do you think about it let me know in the comments