Don't take things for granted♥

'Live each and everyday to the fullest and be great full for your life'
♥Today i really wanted to write a post all about how we as humans take a lot of things for granted and it comes across quite selfish really when you think about it.
♥We take pretty much everything for granted the things we think are just normal everyday things for us.Such as food,clean water,and a house. But when you think about the other people out there and there stories you get a shock

♥ There are people out there without a home without a family with out clean water and food. The things we take everyday for granted. We should really take this in to consideration and not take everything for granted we need to be thank full for these things

♥ When were worrying about really tiny things in life you just take a step back and think about the people in the world with those problems and then you realize how silly our problems really are

♥ When were worrying about no Wifi or no Iphone charge we sound very silly but we all do this
but we shouldn't we should be happy and thank full for the things we have in life There are people out there who would just be thank full for food and water

♥ When were little we all hate school and cant wait to leave right? But there are kids out there
who cant go to school and are out there looking after there siblings and working its so crazy to think.
We should be thankful that were getting an education and your enjoying your childhood life. There's kids out there who would love to be in your shoes.

                                                           Thank you for reading i really just wanted to get my point across
that is we should all be happy and thank full and don't take things for granted