don't let body size ruin your life ♥

Society today is all about weight and size. It seems to be if your not a certain height or size your not good enough. How wrong! nobody should be judged on their weight!

Don't say to people why are you so skinny and don't say to somebody why are you overweight. As long the person is happy & healthy that's fine. You don't know what that person is going through and questions like that are only going to set them back further. How is one image portrayed as what all women should look like. So what if your curvy or thin Be happy with your body we are all different and that's how it will always be. Its upsetting to see celebs/people going through all these cosmetic procedures changing there looks its sad why cant we ever just be happy with who we are.

♥Why try and change yourself your born to be you and it should stay that way!
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      Don't let society ruin your life be happy and confident