How to be confident♥

 When your confident you feel your best you feel on top of the world it can take some time to build it but it can be knocked so quickly. I've been dealing with confidence issues a long time now so I've kind of picked up a few tips to help myself.

Don't be worried about what people think of you! When your out and about your going to get some people who aren't so nice and look at you strange but don't think into it there just small minded people. You shouldn't judge anybody as i always say where all different. Being different is better stand out from the crowd. So what if your fashion scence isn't the same as everybody else's so what if you like to wear  unusual things. Who cares you rock it with confidence. As long as you like it that's the main thing. I seriously think that's why confidence is a big issue today as society can be really cruel and judgmental. I don't get how anybody can Judge a person when they have never met them 

Take some time to find you. Maybe you might want to change your hairstyle a little or You might want to experiment with makeup. When your looking your best you feel your best so take extra effort in your self and walk with your head held high 

Always smile. When your smiling your setting an example as a positive happy person and you will attract nice people and good friends. People will want to approach you. But if your constantly in a bad mood nobody is going to want to come near you. Try not to make it come across as a "fake smile" just be your self

Think confidently  even if something bad has happened try and think of the positive sides of it try and pick yourself back up. Confidence = success . Try to keep focused on the things you love and stay motivated you can't let things knock you 

Think of why you have confidence issues and try to resolve them.  Might help if you write it down on a piece of paper and just have a look then try and think of ways you can resolve them 

Always remember it's not just you. You are not on your own there's always somebody you can talk to you might not know it. Just remember you might think a certain person is a really confident human being  but the truth is they could just be really good at hiding it. Try talking to people you will be shocked with the similarities you share. Don't compare your  self to other people. Life is not a competition 

There will be down days where you feel a little low about your self but you have to pick your self up to move forward confidence isn't a overnight thing it does take time. When you get to the point when your feeling really down and back at square one again just sit down relax and breathe. And think about how you've got here and how it can be resolved then continue
 moving forward 

You wasn't born with confidence. Unfortunately we aren't born with it. It's just something we have to learn as we're growing up you just get more and more experience though out life and gain more skills on it in different situations 

Try a Hobbie/sport. Try something you've always wanted to do and gain skills and talent as you get better and better you start believing in your self and realizing you have got great potential and you can achieve anything when you have the right frame of mind 

I always live by this quote "positive mind positive vibes positive life" 
Thankyou for reading 

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