looking to the future & staying positive

Everyone of us has dreams we all have something we want to achieve in the future and the feeling you get when you achieve something is amazing you feel proud of yourself. When I was younger my dream was to become a pop star maybe not the most likely goal to achieve but you get my drift. I would live in my own imaginary world thinking what It would be like if I actually became a pop star. Now I'm older I obviously have proper goals. I want to become a journalist I know exactly what I need to get there so all  i need to do is stay motivated and get myself out there and achieve it. My plan is to go to college study hard and get good grades then go to university. I am determined I'm going to get what I want. I honestly believe the more you stay positive about your goals the more your going to take it seriously if your thinking uh yeah I wanna be .... but I wont be able to do it I cant its impossible! NOPE WRONG ATTITUDE you think that then that's what you will attract you will not be motivated which means you will not be pushing your self in to doing what you want to achieve. You and only you can do it yes of course it's nice to have people backing you telling you can do it but its only you who can make it happen. For example this blog I have been going on about starting one for the longest time and all I've been thinking is what if nobody likes it what if it doesn't get nowhere
well what if isn't going to get me know where I'm not going to know unless I try. If you don't do the things you want to do you will regret it big time and you will live your life forever thinking what if i had of done that...  believe in yourself and look to the future you can achieve anything!
If you put your mind to it :)
'we all have dreams but don't just dream make it happen' my cat is the cutest i know