Meet my cats ♥

My two little cats are like my babies i love them like a child. I got my cats on November 30th and they were 9 week old they were so tiny. I love my cats so much that i had to do a complete post about them. When you get a pet they become part of your family and you give them love and care. ALWAYS make sure you really want a pet and make sure you will be willing to look after it you have to give them the attention and care they need

First ever picture i got of jasper and sooty only 9week old how cute

This is jasper. My two cats have very different personalities jasper is like  a baby
he cries for me all the time and follows me everywhere i go (hes like my shadow)
he loves to be picked up and cuddled like a little baby. All you need
to do is stick a nappy on him and there you go hes a proper baby

This is sooty. When we first got sooty he was very nervous we hardly ever saw him he used to hide
away. Now hes totally different he loves cuddles and hes very loved as are both of them.
They are very happy cats and love to play (at night) and make lots
of noise. But in the day the just sleep all the time.
I love my little cats they are now 11 month old (rough guess but im sure im right)

pets are a part of your family too
 thank you for reading