No such thing as perfect!♥

 ♥We see everyday in magazines celebrities with perfect bodies and super skinny girls yes exercise is important i totally agree with that. But the pressure these days put on girls to look 'perfect' is ridiculous. I think we should all be  happy and confident in our own skin we all have flaws course but why not embrace them! scars, strechmarks , spots there all natural things what pretty much all humans have!. With celebrities constantly being judged for what they wear or if they gain a little weight or if they don't have makeup we pick up on. I don't think anybody deserves to be judged at all its really out of order you don't know there story. These magazine with super skinny models are really fake there edited of course! nobody is perfect or flawless but with girls seeing images like that they think that's what they should look like which is sad. What happened to society not all girls need to be super thin we all come in different shapes and sizes we cant all be the same. That would be pretty boring. Be happy as yourself act confident! don't put yourself down!. And certainly don't compare your self everybody's beautiful in there own way! just embrace it
                                                                   Thank you for reading