Why did you start a blog?♥

 ♥As you see by the title Im doing a complete post on what made me want to join the world of blogging. I've read so many blogs for years and felt very inspired by them. I've always wanted to start my own and show my own creativity and ideas just a space on the web where I can ramble on about things beauty& life related. The biggest thing that finally pushed me to start it is that I want to become a journalist and i thought this would be great experience. I want this blog to grow up with me and stay with me for many years. I've finally been motivated enough to get my blog out. It's been a long wait but Its finally here I've had lots of people pushing me into it saying that it will great. As much as I appreciate and love how people are backing me. I have to do it for my self it's something only I can do so I've gone for it I know I would only regret it If I didn't. I may only start of with hardly any followers but every blogger has to start of at zero and work there way up . And that's exactly what I'm planning on doing. I certainly will not be giving up on this so watch this space!!
 thank you for reading ♥