25 facts about me ♥

Today im not going to lie i was having one of those days where i was really struggling to think of blog post ideas. Then finally i got an idea its sort of a personal post today get to know me let me know what you think in the comments

1. I love writing! i honestly just love it when i was little i would always be writing stories. Ive always loved English lessons  too!

2. I day dream a lot (i'm always living in my own little fantasy world)

3.  I love watching period dramas like downtown abbey! ( i always find it funny to say as im a teenager!)

4.  I love winter very strange i know. Normally people love warm weather and course i do but winter makes me so happy with the snow & Christmas!

5. Im a huge animal lover on my instagram its literally full of pictures of my two cats

6.  I have a fear of elevators you will never ever get me in one im very claustrophobic i hate tight spaces

7. I love all things floral if i see anything with floral print i have to have it!

8.  I used to play football when i was 11 i was a big lover of football! ( but i never really wanted to get muddy haha)

9.  When i was little i would only ever have sandwiches cut up into triangles

10.  I used to grow my hair out long then cut it into a really short bob then cry and regret it

11. My hair is naturally curly (used to be even curlier when i was little it was like tight curls)

12.  I sing all the time (i love to sing it makes me happy i literally sing every moment i can and sometimes i can get songs in my head at very inconvenient times like in a test)

13. I'm very shy but when i get to know people i come more out of my shell

14.  I love being at Scarborough it makes me happy to take all the scenery in

15. I want to become a journalist and live in London

16.  My birthday is 13th March

17. My favorite subject at school is english i love it! it always has been my favorite i just enjoy it

18.  I still love watching the Simpsons ( i will never grow out of watching it )

19. I will only drink diet cola i really do not like proper cola

20. My favorite color is pastel pink

21. I've always wanted to go blonde (but never dared)

22. I love costa coffee and starbucks

23. I have an obsession with me to you bears i have a lot (but nowhere to put them)

24. When i was little i used to put socks on and slide on the laminate floor pretending i was an ice skater

25. my favorite meal is lasagna

Thank you for reading iv'e seen these posts a few times on other blogs and it inspired me to do one myself