I heart autumn/winter♥

I love autumn/winter it is one of my favorite seasons. Yes i love summer but there's just something about autumn i just love and i thought i would make a list. I feel like i have hardly put any posts up a lately so i need to get back into the swing of blogging daily again!

1. I love getting out knitted jumpers again

2. When all the autumn/winter themed candles start coming into shops (i love Yankee candles there so gorgeous my personal fave is vanilla cupcake)

3.  Christmas! (i know its a quite a while away yet but when we think of winter we think of Christmas straight away so it has to be on this list!)
4. Having an excuse to stay in and just watch tv (because its too cold!)
5.  Good traditional winter foods like stew yumm!
6.  When all the leaves start falling of the trees! you know its autumn

7. I get to wear ankle boots 
8. Layering up with scarfs and hats
9. Everything is so crisp and pretty
10.  I prefer autumn/winter fashion   

            Oh and how can i forget drinking endless cups of hot chocolate at winter its defiantly the time to binge out on lots of chocolate! I feel like there's just so much to look forward with these seasons we have Halloween bonfire night and Christmas woo!
what are your favourite things to do with autumn/winter let me know in the comments