Tips for starting secondary school♥

I thought i would do a post today all about starting secondary as everybody is  starting to go back to school. It can be pretty scary starting a whole new school with new people. But at the same time its great to meet new people and make new friendships.

Every time y7's start secondary school you always get told about these stories about what the older kids are going to do. I remember people saying that you will get your head flushed down the toilet which is complete rubbish. I 100% promise you this will not happen the older kids will understand what your feeling because we have all been in your position and survived it.

Don't act up in classes and act like an idiot you may think this is cool and funny. But its not the way to make friends You don't want to get the title as class clown just keep your head down and enjoy your school years because trust me it gets harder as the years go by so just enjoy it while you can.

Be yourself. When we go up to secondary school we start doing are hair and makeup and start to discover who we are but don't let other people change you. You be who you want to be

Don't wear things you shouldn't if you cant wear tight trousers or jewelry or make up or nail varnish just stick with the rules. At the weekend wear make up but at school stick to the rules there preparing you for work in the future. Because in some work environment it is strict you have to go by there dress code. So do the same

Don't panic about not finding your classes just ask somebody i'm sure they will help you out

What about bullying? Bullying is not a nice experience we all know you will come across some not so nice people and that's life unfortunately  not everybody is nice and not everybody is going to like you. But if your getting bullied don't keep it bottled up do tell your parents you may not think there's a way out of it but they can help and have a chat with your teachers things can be sorted out. It will only get worse if you keep it to yourself

Be confident and don't over think things don't let the older kids scare you just because there older and taller does not mean there horrible. I can honestly assure you that of you ask them to show you your class the will

just enjoy your school experience keep your head down with work there's a time and a place for talking with your friends and having a laugh and its not in the classroom.  I promise in time you will look back and laugh about how you felt on your first day!

    if you have any worries or questions about school feel free to email me
and ill try and get back to you as soon as i can:).