Why bloggers inspire me♥

I have an obsession with cats so i had to include this picture its so cute!!!
Today  i thought i would do a post all about bloggers and why i look up to them so much. For many years now I've been reading a variety of blogs and always thinking how i could make my own. I always wanted to make my blog a lifestyle and fashion blog mainly with the occasional beauty post.
When blogger comes to mind we think of the big name bloggers such as Zoella and i really look up to zoella. Having started out with zero followers/subscribers and working her way up to the top. It just shows you that anything is possible if you stick your mind to it. It can be a struggle at first getting your blog out there and noticed but you have to think to your self that your blog is fairly new and you just have to keep working hard. Always take care with your posts make sure that there interesting.                                                                                 

Anyway slightly going of subject but i really look up to bloggers not just big time ones i also look up to the ones just starting of like me. Because there giving it a go and determined to not give up and that is the attitude to take.  What blogs do i read? I read a quite a few to be honest and i will let you in to them Zoella , Tanya Burr , Vivianna does makeup , Lily pebbles , Melonlady , fleur de force there all kind of in the same industry fashion,lifestyle,beauty but they all take there own individual approach on it And that's why i think there so successful because there not just copying somebody elses posts or doing exatcly the same as other bloggers they do what they want to. Which is the right approach to take your not going to want to read a blog what is the same as another because it would just get boring.                                                       

Its not all about views/followers/comments (of course they are amazing) but sometimes blogging is just about having your own little space on the web to express your views. Just don't get to addicted to the views/comments just be happy and enjoy what your doing. If your not happy and you don't enjoy what your doing it will show in your posts as they will become sloppy and just boring.                                                                                                        

Future dreams for my blog: I obviously would love it if my blog became really well known and hearing people talk and reccomend my blog to other people. I would just be happy to hear that my posts are helping people out in some way. Or my posts are making people happy and people are actually enjoying my writing. ( i would love to hear you feed back so feel free to comment or contact me on my email which is at the top of my page)                                                                                                                                                                     

I hope you liked this posts ( i haven't posted in a couple of days as i've been busy with school maybe posting every couple of days works out better as they will be more planned and put together)