Tuesday, 28 October 2014

All about my hair! ft old pictures♥

Today I thought I would do a post completely about my hair what colours have I been do I dye it now how do I keep it healthy etc.. So lets get started. The first time I dyed my hair was having it highlighted which I loved I couldn't find any pictures to show you which is a shame:(. I had my natural hair colour which was a caramel brown with blonde streaks I was so happy with it, I did not do it my self a hairdresser did it because I did not want yellow/orange hair. Anyway a couple of years later the highlights where grown out and I didn't touch any sort of dye until 2012 when I dyed my hair completely JETBLACK. I had it that colour for about 3 years I loved it at the time it made my hair look shiny and healthy, but I wanted to lighten my hair up and make it look more natural as black made me look washed out and pale. SO I thought It will be so easy to get rid of black hair I will get some blonde bleach then a brown dye!. Omg what was a thinking I made such a mess to my hair I ended up bleaching my hair 3times and putting at least 5 box dyes on it!, my hair at this point felt very dry. So I started deep conditioning my hair and taking extra care of it. But I knew it needed cutting so I went and lucky I only needed abit of my hair off  hardly anything. So now I had a lovely brown hair  colour a total change from my jet black locks.
Me with jetblack hair (this is my school shirt by the way haha I don't wear horrible shirts)
I used to have a fringe too!

I have no pictures of me when I changed my hair to brown but I remember it wasn't a big change it hardly showed up on camera!. Anyway about Christmas time 2013 I decided I wanted to go red.

At first it was this dark red colour I wasn't happy with this because I wanted BRIGHT red so
I carried on dying and dying and dying!

It then went this bright red colour ( I also went through a phase of wanting my nose pierced if you look
closely you will see I have it in but then took it out a couple of weeks later it did not suit me haha)
I have totally changed now!!

My hair was so badly damaged at this point I had to have a lot cut of it because it snapped of I cried because I hated my hair
I then gave my hair a long long rest let the red fade then a year later I stripped it and It went back to my natural colour then
I left it like that for months  and it grew a lot from the length I had to have it cut too

This is my hair colour now its fully recovered from all the dying and is really healthy. I do still dye it
but very rarely I dye it dark blonde from nice n easy. I dye it every 2/3 months
I hardly ever dye it now ive learnt from my mistakes
to keep it healthy I use hair masks get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks
drink lots of water and eat healthy most importantly don't over dye it!!!

So that's my hair history of dying I've learnt a lot on the way what colours have you been let me know in the comments