Autumn must haves ♥

As autumn is finally here i thought i would share a autumnal post with you what are a must have to buy in this season. Bit of fashion beauty and random stuff

♥ I drink a lot of warm drinks in autumn tea, coffee and of course hot chocolate. And you have to have a biscuit to go with a drink. But where do you put your biscuit your hands are full holding the mug, well this invention will make you very happy
it has its very own biscuit pocket. I love novelty items like this
(Buy here)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I like to be extra warm and cosy when i'm inside. So when i go outside i want to feel the
 same. So i wrap up a lot including wearing scarfs of course
I love tartan scarfs. I have one ready to wear now
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♥ Weekends end up being sat in watching movies so for them days i have to be under a blanket with
a nice hot water bottle to keep me warm.
I chose this cute bunny design aww
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♥ Back to talking about hot drinks again well hot chocolate seems to be everybody's favourite during this season so i thought i would let you into my all time favourite hot chocolate brand . Cadbury's is my all time favourite. I like to add lots of milk to it (Buy here)

♥ The weather in the UK for autumn means rain and alot of it so i would defiantly
say get your self
an umberella  unless you want to get soaked
doesn't mean you have to have  a plain boring one pick  pretty one and stand out (Buy here)

#my lips get very dry in autumn so i carry these born lippy moisturizing lip balm with me every where i go. Im obsessed with them i have them all they smell so nice too(Buy here)

                      So there my must haves for autumn what are yours comment below:)