Thursday, 30 October 2014

Be more of a confident blogger ♥

Yesterday i did a post which was 20 thoughts during my time of blogging, i wrote on my list that i get really worried if people i know find my blog. I got a few comments on that post and people agreed saying they feel the same. So i thought i would address this problem with a post. I have Insatagram and facebook and twitter all of the social media platforms! but i do not advertise my blog on any of them because  i always have it in my head that my friends may find it stupid. The odd persons knows about it and they think its a good idea. But why should i think like this! i might get the odd laugh but honestly so what i'm doing something meaningful with my life. If they want to laugh then let them its what you want to do so carry on with it. As long as it makes you happy which it really does for me then that's all that matters!. If there true genuine friends then they will support it. My goal is to become a lot more confident about my blog to get back on my twitter or create a new one. And start to advertise my posts it might introduce new readers to my blog and that's all i want, for people to enjoy reading my blog!.

Everything is dominated by social media!
Take a look at celebrities or big bloggers they all use social media and advertise there latest post/albums or what ever there doing. The reason they do this is because they know everybody today has twitter/facebook/instagram so they know people are going to see it. Then people share it to there friends they share it and it goes all they way around. This is the best thing for  a new blog like mine i just need to build the confidence up to do it.

Lets all be more confident bloggers
This is something a lot of us need to do there's people reading this probably thinking the same and why let other people get in your way! Its something i'm working on.

Don't do what i did at the beginning 
At the beginning i used to create blogs put one post on then delete the whole blog, i just always had it in my head that people would think its a stupid idea. But i do not think that at all now, i love blogging and enjoy it i would never think of deleting this i'm so happy with how its turned out.


Do you have the same issues do you need to be more of a confident blogger let me know in the comments