Extra holiday pictures and quick catch up ♥

Today i have found a few extra holiday pictures so i thought i would share them with you. Im defiantly feeling the holiday blues right now!. Just want to go again.

This is the beach in Hisaronu The sea is gorgeous and blue

were we were  staying the para gliders set of on a mountain near us  and landed
in oludeniz This picture shows them ready to land. ( i don't think i
would dare do this)

How cute are sea turtles aw its poking its head out

How huge is this

So now ive shown you my holiday pictures i thought i would have a little catch up let you know whats going on with my life.
I'm really loving college i'm on a media course which im loving.
'I'm wanting to go to Uni to study journalism which
I've really stuck to and haven't changed my mind.
I'm so happy with my blog a lately i love reading comments even if its just one it just makes my day it makes me smile
to know that people are reading my blog and enjoying it is the best news ever.
Im trying my hardest to get a post up at least every day because i genuinely
love blogging and its not all about views and comments but they do make it even better

Do you like these pictures and what do you think of my blog so far i would
love to hear in the comments (as you know i love to read them)