Favourite jewelry at the moment ♥

Today i thought i would do a post on my jewelry i have quite a few pieces but don't usually wear a lot. But a lately I've been really getting into wearing my jewelry so i thought i would pick out my favourite items what i wear on a regular basis and write a bit about them

I was so happy to receive this watch for Christmas last year it was something i
wanted for a long time and i wasn't actually expecting it.
When i realized i  had it i was so happy its so gorgeous i love the pale pink
colour of it

Closer up image 

I've been loving this cute little ankle bracelet what i got back
from turkey its so pretty it has the Turkish eye on it for good luck

Another bracelet i got back from Turkey but this is very special to me.
Its weird how i found i was just looking through a big pile of bracelets and found it. I've not seen
a bracelet like it again in turkey so i grabbed it as quick as i could. It's supposed to bring
you good luck so i wear it all the time

My Pandora ring i really love it. I think the cute heart detail is so pretty
and cute 

My Vivienne Westwood ear rings  are so pretty i love them
i wear them more when i'm going somewhere special because there a little dressy to wear

Earings again i wear these more on a every day basis because there not to dressy. I got these
along with my ring on my birthday i think there so sweet and pretty

I keep some bits of my jewelry in this cute little box
i brought back from turkey

What do you think of these items? do you wear jewelry
let me know in the comments i love to read them:)