Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday notes & happy halloween!♥

Hello everybody and happy halloween today i thought i would do a chat style post today as they are quite popular on my blog. This morning i have been lounging around in my onesie (there so comfy i just never want to get out of it). But finally i'm up and ready for the day. After the weekend its the end of the half term and its back to reality, but i honestly dont care i dont mind college and its life we have a couple of days of then its back to normal. I'm all ready thinking about what course i should take next year i will be doing media again just a higher level. I love doing media it really interests me i would love to gain experience in editing videos because if i ever chose to start a youtube channel it would come in handy to know. At first i was really shy to do things like record my voice for a radio task but thinking about it, why should i be everybody else is doing it. Now im not bothered at all! i find it funny listening to myself. My plans for halloween are not that much i want to watch the Adams family film thats the best haloween film. Halloween was the best when i was younger getting dressed up and all excited to go trick or treating. When you get older halloween it's no where near as fun:(

This afternoon I went and had the nicest latte ever I love coffee, such a coffee addict!

                                                      My cats are so lazy!

Woke jasper up taking the picture!

This is all my cats do all day pretty much is sleep and eat!
look at sooty here he sleeps so weird aha.
Anybody else's cats lazy as mine because there snoring away next to me right now!

Hope you have a fun Halloween and weekend let me know what are your plans for tonight in the comments