Is this my new fave fashion mag?♥

Since company magazine has ended I've been on the look for  a new fashion magazine t take its place. But i have been really struggling there is quite a lot of fashion magazines out there but none really was what i was looking for. So its been quite a long time since I've had a fashion magazine , that is until last night i discovered this new fashion magazine called HELLO! fashion as we all know HELLO! is a really well known magazine. And now they have brought a fashion magazine all about fashion which is great news. And even better its only £1! what a bargain so i thought is this too good to be true but i tried it. Did you like it? you ask well yes i really did i loved reading it.
I thought i would include a few images of my favourite pages inside the magazine.
The front cover 

I loved the section on capes they included some gorgeous capes
I love this cape its so unusual

Because everybody owns a parka 


Because i'm obsessed with pastel colours there so pretty

can i buy all of these

A little bit of beauty

I also love the added beauty pages this eye look is so pretty

so what do you think of this fashion mag would you go and buy it let me know in the comments

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