Like the naked 2 pallete but its not ♥

When i saw this eye shadow palette i straight away fell in love with it. The colour range from bronzey to nude i love them. Whether you want to create a smokey eye look or a casual every day look this palette has it all. I've heard a lot about this palette in other blogs but never seen it around until i saw it in my local asda for £5 bargain or what!. It looks so much like the urban decay naked 2 palette the colours and everything or more a less the same.

Here is the naked 2 palette now look to the next picture is my w7 palette
look how similar they are 
The colours are ever so pretty as you can see its already had quite a lot of use out of it 

Colours in side the palette 

The colours  i didn't put buff on my arm because its white and it doesnt show up to well on camera
1. Camel  2. sand 3. Dust 4. Chocolate 5. Topaz
6.Earth 7.Storm 9.wave 10.Thunder
11. Onyx

What do you think of this eye shadow palette let me know in the comments