list of things ♥

Today has been a long boring day the weather has been so miserable so i couldn't go out and take some pictures or anything like that. But because i said i want to put a blog post up every day i had to think about what to post. Which was very hard because there was no inspiration at all. So I've been keeping lists and one was things i want to achieve so why  not post a blog post about it.

1♥. I would like to class my self as a fairly healthy person but i really want to start exercising. I don't want to loose weight I just want to stay healthy. So ive decided to start yoga which is very relaxing and great for your body it keeps you nice and supple

2♥.  I've made a  pledge to drink lots of water as it so good for you. It benefits everything skin,hair,nails and just general well being. Since i have been drinking only water ive seen a massive improvement in my skin.

3♥. Wake up in the morning in a good mood feel positive and don't let things get you mad or down keep smiling (this is a good advice for me because i am not a morning person)

4♥.  I'm making a promise to blog everyday (its going to be hard but its something i'm willing to do)

5♥. Going on to beauty now i want to start to experiment with eye shadow I've been wanting to wear it for ages but never bought any i finally have and i love wearing it

6♥. Try to get out doors more and take some nice pictures for my blog

7♥. Don't be shy be confident to speak to people

8♥. Try to be happy everyday and don't get in a bad mood about things

9♥.  Spend more time improving my maths i'm not really bad at it but there are some areas i need to improve so i am going to start revising a lot more to get my grade as high as i can

10♥.  Don't underestimate yourself. ( i do this a lot i always think that i cant do things and I've finally realized  its the wrong attitude to have you cant be good at something straight away it takes time)

    I thought i would share this list with you because maybe you have some things you want to achieve we might even have some in common let me know what you think of this post in the comments  i love reading them I've been at college all day today the joys what has your day been like?