My first time on a plane 23/09/14♥

It's been quite a while since I've been on my blog but I promised as soon as I got back I would share it all with you!

Bringing my suitcase downstairs waiting for the taxi to the airport slightly mixed emotions of fear and excitement. The hardest part was dropping my two cats of at the cattery, I know there in good hands but I can't help but worry (that's me all over)

10:40 am I'm in the taxi finally making the journey to Manchester airport I feel a little more at ease. I'm getting really excited now can't wait to get on the plane and get to Turkey 

13:19 I'm now sat in a Restaurant waiting to board my plane (of course I had to have a look in duty-free I went straight to Mac) I'm still nervous but excited I'll be fine I'm just going to relax and not panic!!

16:37 We have now set off on the plane were in the air and all I can see is clouds. I'm not at all scared I don't know why I worried. I actually loved setting of it felt like a roller coaster

12:00 Midnight we arrive at the villa it looks so lovely I looked at the pool and thought straight away I'll be in there tomorrow 
  As soon as I stepped off the plane I felt the heat hit me it was so warm. (I'm now at home and I loved it) more posts will be  coming up with pictures 

I was worried about flying at first but it was over nothing I loved it 
and can't wait to go on holiday again!