Nails and shopping day 11/10/14 ♥

I thought i would do another day in the life type of post today because ive had such a lovely day and i thought you would like to hear it. It is my mum's birthday today so she wanted to have a girly day with me and go of and do something her self at night. So we went into town did a bit of shopping had a coffee and something to eat. Its been lovely luckily it didn't rain. So i bet your wondering why is there some pictures of nails on your post?. Well me and my mum decided to go get them painted because they were looking a little scruffy. They did us a nice pattern and it looks lovely.

These are my mums nails they look so pretty and cute the flower detail is
so nice i love the baby pink colour. I think they have done such a good job

These are mine i love the metallic/glittery purple. The pattern makes it look even nicer
I thought to have it just on the thumbs because i didn't want it to
look over the top

I've had a very good afternoon
plans for tonight are not much just watching x factor in my onesie
great plans
have you had a good day let me know in the comments what you have been
up to i love  reading  them