Friday, 24 October 2014

October favourites♥

Today I thought I would share my monthly favourites with you as were getting near the end of October let me know what you think in the comments
                                               Beauty favourites

I've recently just done a post on this expressing how much I love it! and here it is again
appearing on my favourites I have a whole lot of love for it (in the colour whimsical)
Another lipstick but ive been loving this one for autumn time. Its a lovely deep plum
colour (lucky kiss it is called)
Here is the colour of the lucky kiss lipstick

Love this gets rid of spots so quickly best spot cream ive ever had

The best foundation ive ever had (Read the post i did on the foundation here)

This has to be the best mascara i've ever had I love it so much I did a blog post on it (Read it here)


                                           Fashion favourites

I love my pink winter coat so much I also did a post on it too!(Readhere)

So obsessed with this lace black jumper from primark its so pretty

The collar is so cute!

I love my tartan scarf so much it has to be my go to Autumn/winter scarf I actually bought it last year
from primark and still wear it

And there my favourites for this month let me know what your loving in the comments as always