Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday notes 26.10.14♥.

Today has been a lovely day i went up to see my family which i love doing, its always nice to spend time with your family. My little cousins make me laugh so much i always think spending time with your family makes you feel really lucky to have people around who love and care about you, it always puts me in a good mood. Is it just me but because the clocks went back today just seems to be dragging?, Haha but when the clocks go back its truly nearly winter which means not long to Christmas which excites so much I love Christmas! ive been listening to Christmas songs already(should I even admit that). Now the weather has got so much colder ive been living in my pink coat which I love so much. I remember buying it when the weather was warm and being excited for winter to wear it. I defiantly love autumn/winter a lot more than summer there's just so much to look forward to.  Oh and I've kind of started of my addiction for costa coffee again, I used to have so much of it. I've been loving there hot chocolates there gorgeous!

I seem to wear this jumper a lot I just love it so much my favourite
at the moment.
on my face
mac foundation in nw18
avon lipstick in lucky kiss
bourjois bronzer
yves saint Laurent mascara

what have you been up to today I hope you have had a lovely sunday x