Monday, 27 October 2014

UPDATE: How is your confidence today?♥

Last month I did a blog post about how to be confident and got some good feedback on it. It actually turned out to be my most popular post which I was very happy to hear. So I thought it must of helped some people out, so why not let you know how my confidence is today and how those tips have helped me. (If you haven't read my confidence post read it here).

                                           So how Is your confidence today? 
              I feel I have changed so much since I posted the confidence post those tips helped me a lot. The main issue with me was being shy, i found it very hard to speak to new people. Since i started college I've been pushing my self more and more to go up and just speak to people with confidence. When you have confidence in your self it shows and you become more approachable.  I also explained how Confidence = success because your feeling great about your self and most importantly thinking positive then more and more good things come to you.
                                              I think differently now!

                           Instead of feeling down and rubbish about yourself and forever moaning, why not turn it around, be positive about your life think of all the good things you have to be great full for. When you think this way people will start coming up to you more to talk to. Because they will think what a lovely person always happy and smiling, lets think about it though really your not going to want to speak to somebody who's down and moaning are you.   "positive mind positive vibes positive life" i still live by this quote as i said in my last post, you should too!. I try and do new things what are outside of my comfort zone a couple of months ago going up and speaking to new people would be hard thing to me, so to achieve that is so good to me personally, the more things you do and achieve out side your comfort zone the more confidence you gain.  I just would like to tell people who are going through the same thing as I did, that its so possible to over come it. I can give you as much advice as I have and that's all good, but you have to get out there and do the things for yourself I promise you it will help in the long run.

                                        Remember when I said your not born with confidence

So do you remember on my last post when I explained that your not born with confidence? well that's so true obviously, its all about gaining it your self. You gain more and more experience the more you grow up. As I said last time (I sort of feel I'm repeating my self a lot on here haha) your not on your own there Is so many people today with confidence issues, you may not believe It but even big celebrities suffer with it. That is why I addressed this problem as it's such a big thing today

A quote to live by

 Have you read my how to be confident post did help you and is this post useful let me know in the comments