Saturday, 18 October 2014

Weekend summary saturday 18.10.14 ♥

Today has been another good  Saturday I went to have my nails done again I chose a baby pink colour with a black and white zig zag pattern. I'm so obsessed with the colour baby pink at the moment. When I got back home from having my nails done I dyed my hair the same colour just touched it up because my roots were quite bad don't want black roots (haha). Anyway I haven't just sat around at all today. Ive made a promise to my self to keep fit and active so ive started this 15 minute full body toning routine on youtube (youtube is so good for workout videos). You may think 15 minutes is that it but it is quite intense but I made it through it and feel happy with my self. Tomorrow im also going swimming as it the best exercise you workout every muscle . I just want to stay fit and healthy and stay in shape. I'm going to be starting yoga to as its supposed to be very relaxing and extremely good for you
After having my nails done I bought a couple of things I bought this black and white jumper
with a white layered  shirt underneath then I bought this baby pink scarf which is so cute and a cup with
a pug on it because I love pugs

whats your Saturday been like have you been up to much let me know in the comments