20 reasons why I love christmas

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Christmas is 30 days away im so excited I just love Christmas I have my advent calendar ready. I
think even if I was 20 I would still want an advent calendar. I don't know anybody who hates Christmas because lets be honest what is there to hate its the best day. Being with your family the Christmas dinner its not all about getting presents but of course its nice. But I really do honestly love giving more than receiving I get so excited buying presents for people. I am one of those people who just cant wait to see the persons reaction when they open the present. So I definitely  say 'Do you like it' straight away, sometimes even before they have finished unwrapping it. And I am really bad for putting too much sellotape on the presents and people end up struggling to get in OOPS! any way here are my 20 reasons why I love Christmas so much.

20. I love going Christmas shopping and seeing all the cute Christmas stock they have out.

19. I love it when the Christmas song come on the radio I turn it up really loud and sing really badly

18. The chocolate all the tins of sweets come out my favourite has to be quality streets and celebrations. I feel like all the best chocolate come out at this time.

17. The Christmas adverts the best one has to be the Coca-Cola advert!

16. I love watching youtubers Vlogmas especially zoella and Tanya burr there such Christmas lovers and it really gets you even more excited!
15. 2 weeks of from school/college well this is the best you get to stay at home in the warmth binge out on chocolate and watch films!
14. Getting all wrapped up when its cold I love to be all wrapped up in snug jumpers and scarfs. This year I might start wearing a beanie not to sure we will have to see..

13.  Christmas novelty items. I am such a sucker for buying this stuff but I love it when they bring out Christmas themed stuff like cups and pjs I just have to have them.

12. Being with your family, Christmas is defiantly the time to be with your family/loved ones it makes everything special also it makes you appreciate your life and family you realize how lucky and loved you are.

11. Christmas Jumpers! they bring out so many amazing Christmas jumpers I love the ones that quote from Christmas films such as home alone and elf  I saw a jumper which said 'Merry Christmas ya filthy animal' which is on home alone and just wanted it.

10. Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. This is the best part I love putting up all the decorations and making your home look very festive. You don't want to go to over the top and make your house look like santas grotto though!

9. The countdown this excites me so much I have to admit I get the countdown app on my phone and start counting down to Christmas day it gets me very excited.

8. The Christmas dinner! is the best I feel like its defiantly the best meal of the year its like a Sunday dinner but a 1000 times better with all the trimmings. But I feel like we eat stuff we don't like just because its tradition like brucel sprouts I mean there so disgusting  but we pretend we like them and eat them because it tradition.

7. January sales this is so good for shopaholics like me you get such a good discount and I'm the one who goes straight after boxing day and comes home with ALOT of bags. But its fine because there in the sale we tell are self's.

6. Wrapping the Christmas presents I have to admit I spend way to much time on them. Putting ribbon and bows on them but  I want them to look pretty. But your heart just breaks when you see all the paper ripped up on the floor.

5. When the Christmas tv mag comes out. This sounds really sad but since I was little we have always got it and I used to circle the films I want to watch.

4. The soaps Christmas special this excites me a lot too there normally really good story lines on Coronation street.

3. Christmas eve is super exciting even though im not little anymore I still get giddy and find it hard to sleep that will never go with me.

2.  I find it really lovely hearing how excited my little cousins are when for Christmas when there saying santas coming it just reminds me of how excited I was when I was little for santa.

1. Christmas is just the best its a day we all get excited for.

                 What's your favourite part of Christmas let me know in the comments