Friday notes 07.11.14

I've really not been feeling very well these past couple of days which is so rubbish. Ive not moved out of bed for 2days!. But now i'm starting to feel better. The time ive been ill i have just been wanting soup my fave has to be Tomato soup or vegetable (has to be heinz). I have also been taking nice hot bubble baths and drinking lots of fresh orange juice. I still keep sneezing and coughing but its still a big improvement to what i have been like!. Bonfire night was Wednesday and i was so gutted i missed out on it, i just was laid up in bed i was planning on going out and taking pictures for my blog but that didn't happen:(. But i have some other ideas to make up for it. I guess i made this post today just to get me back into the swing of blogging daily again. And i think its nice to have a little catch up sort of post

How cute are these Christmas pjs i have the matching socks too!
there so cosy and warm i have been living in them while ive been ill

Just a quick little catch up  i hope you have been having a lovely week
and also i hope you have a lovely weekend let me know what your plans are in the comments i love reading them