Hello November & Saturday summary!♥


Bye bye October, hello  November this excites me ALOT! I love this time of year bonfire night is 4days away!. The big build up to christmas which is so so so exciting, there was actually christmas films on tv today!. The nights are getting dark so early now i love going out getting all wrapped up. My favourite winter drink has to be a latte there so good starbucks and Costa do the best!

Today I've been shopping and had my hair cut, I was thinking long and hard if to get a full fringe again. But I thought nah I'm bored of it Ive had it so many times! So I though um a side fringe ive not had one before I'll have one! And I just had one cut, I'm so happy with it I like the way it looks. Then I just had my hair trimmed a little. I will include pictures either tomorrow or later this week I forgot to take one today sorry:(
I also bought vogue magazine Which Is only £2.00 at the moment it comes with two mags!
I then popped into primark because I haven't been in for a while, I was sort of dissapointed there was hardly anything so I only came out with one jumper but I love it so it's okay! 
I love the colour and the layered shirt

I love the back of it too

Jumper- £10.00 primark such a bargain!!

Have you been up to much today let me know in the comments:)

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