How to beat dry winter lips.

In winter my lips suffer massively they become really sore and chapped. Putting lipstick over the top of flakey chapped lips isn't the nicest look. So i discovered this amazing product a year ago now and I've loved them ever since. They are the body shop born lippy. They come in the most lovely scents they smell exactly of what it says. The ones i have are raspberry, strawberry, guava. The packaging is wearing of slightly i apologize. Body shop never fail to bring  a great product so when i saw these i knew i wouldn't be disappointed and because i love them so much i thought to share them with you so you can love them just as much as i do!.

This one is called guava it smells like watermelon.
Strawberry sorry for the wearing of the packaging!

Raspberry scent smells exactly like raspberry!

     I love these so much whether putting them underneath lipstick or as there own there perfect for keeping you lips moisturized. This is a savior in winter trust me your lips will be thanking you!

                                       Would you try these let me know in the comments!   
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