If i went to Disneyworld tag♥

This tag was made by Asia Jade go check out her blog. This tag is such a lovely one especially for Disney lovers like me! so lets get into the tag shall we.. Thankyou Taylor at another fashion fanatic
for nominating me:) 

1. What time of year would you go and why?
I would defiantly go at Christmas time because there something about Disney at christmas which is so magical. I would love to be there for Christmas and have the experience it would be so nice 

2. Who would you go with and why?
I would love to go with my little cousins and family to make it even special my little cousins love Disney and i think they would love it. And because i would want to go at  Christmas time i would want all my family there because you should be with your family at christmas!

3.  Where would you stay and why?
I would want to stay at Disney's animal kingdom lodge because i love animals and it looks like your in africa!

4. Magic kingdom, Epcot , Animal kingdom or Hollywood studios
Defiantly hollywood studios i love film and i have always wanted to go on set of where films were made that would be the best

5. Fast rides or gentle rides? 
Fast rides you get so much excitement from fast rides gentle rides are so boring to me i love going on rides what i find scary but then loving them!
6. One attraction you have to go on? 
Expedition Everest legend of the forbidden  mountain because this ride looks so fun and really high!

7. Five things you would like to purchase whilst your there?
 Disney ears (headband) because they look so cute and i just want some!
Minnie mouse teddy (i have a mickey mouse one from when i was little)
Peas in a pod toy omg there so cute!
Disney themed iphone case
Minnie mouse cup 

8. Three Disney characters you would like to meet 
Minnie mouse 
Woody from toy story
sully from monsters inc!
9. Would you vlog or take pictures of your trip or both?
If i had a youtube channel then i would deffiantly vlog and take pictures theres no doubt about me taking pictures it would be lovely to be able to look back at them and have nice memories.

10. One place you would like to visit in Orlando apart from Disneyworld
Universal studios to see all the film sets 

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