New hair & Monday feelings ♥

Saturday I had my hair cut in a side fringe I've had all different hair styles but never a side fringe so I thought why not try it. I really like it I love the look of it. I decided to put a few waves in my hair today with my curling wand. I'm also wearing the jumper I bought on Saturday. Today is a little quick post not a long one at all. Oh and by the way i have twitter now if you dont know i will leave the link at the bottom of this post! 

So today is Monday and everybody seems to get the  Monday blues don't they?
Well today i have to say i felt it bad. Having had a week of college its kind of like uh where back. But you have to just get on with it. Unfortunately it did not help that I'm coming down with a cold:( which is so annoying constantly sneezing, meh i hope i feel better tomorrow! But instead of being in a down rubbish mood I've been smiling and made sure i enjoyed my day, that made it easier to get through the day
Here's my fringe I really like it. I've also started to wear winged eye liner I love wearing it!

Another selfie

So i think its  a nice little change i was growing my full fringe out for some time but got so bored. I had
no idea how to style my fringe anymore. It felt like it had no style so im glad i went for it and had my fringe cut


                   Just a quick little post today but I hope you like it let me know in the comments how was your Monday?

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