Striped dress outfit

As i said i wanted to make my blog more about fashion im so into fashion i love everything about it. So i thought why not make a outfit of the day post because i like reading them myself. It may give you ideas on how to style a certain thing or maybe help if your looking to buy something. Today im wearing my black and white dress i love the lace collar detail of it. Details of where everything is from will be at the bottom. I love getting dressed up it makes me feel so much better about myself let me know what you think about my outfit in the comments

                                                          Im new to posting outfit pictures i do need to work on the way i pose because i sometimes come across as looking awkward i hope you like this posts and expect many more to come!
                                                  dress- newlook
                                       tights - primark there so thick and warm!
                                            wedged boots- newlook
                                                  coat- newlook
                            let me know what you think in the comments!