the £1.75 solution to dry skin!

So because its winter alot of us suffer with the dreaded dry flaky skin this product i recently purchased at an amazing £1.75 yes you saw right! has made my skin so soft!
A lately my forehead has been the worst its looked and felt terrible. Covering it with foundation made it look even worse i had no idea what to do i was trying every moisturizer claiming to make your skin ''silky soft'' and they just didn't. I was looking through the avon book (you can buy it online too!)
and i saw it was on offer for 1.75. To be honest i wasn't expecting a  great deal from it but i was extremely shocked. The product should be 5.50 so get it will its this price
Its not a moisturizer its a mask you put a really thin layer on that's all you  need. Leave to dry for 5mins then wash of and pat face dry with a towel. And Tad-ah! you have beautiful soft skin again.
My foundation has literally glided on since using it the flaky dry skin has gone and im making sure it doesn't come back again.

Here is how it comes out it drys and then you wash it of you only need a really little bit so it will last a long time

                                                                 over all rating starts out of 5?
                                                                    ***** 5 of course its amazing i highly reccomend it

Would you buy this bargain of a product let me know in the comments.