Vintage shelfs♥

I absolutely love vintage and a a bit ago I bought these cub shelf's and made them look vintage.
It makes my bedroom look so pretty, I thought I would do a post on this because it might give some other people ideas if there thinking of re designing there room. I'm such a massive lover of vintage looking things, I just want to hang floral bunting everywhere literally! I hope you like this little post:). Ill explain where I got everything below the pictures!
These are the shelfs and how they appear in my bedroom. I got these set of three
shelf's from b&m bargains

On this shelf I got this little house candle burner from Matalan
you  can put candles inside it theres a little bit at the bottom what unscrews and you put a candle inside.
But I just use it for display. At the top the candles are from store twenty one so is the jar.

The cute little hat ornament is from a local charity shop its so cute
the candles are from store twenty one 

The love sign is from home bargains  The bottles are from
store twenty one

I love buntin this is from Ebay you get loads of little flags and
you have to attach them to the string which comes with it your self!

I hope you enjoyed this little post let me know what you think in the comments!
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