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Blogmas day 13 | Tips on how to fake tan.

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 13. Today i thought i would share my fake tanning tips with you. As all the Christmas and New years parties are coming up. Don't worry if you haven't just come of holiday from a really hot country we can just cheat that look. I love fake tan it makes you feel better about your self. It gives a lovely glow to ghostly white skin making you look lovely and sun kissed. And lets be honest we all want that gorgeous just come of holiday skin,even though it's winter we still want to look glowing and tanned. Especially for parties when you have to show of your legs.

PREP THE SKIN  BEFORE APPLYING THE TAN!  This is a big one you need to take this time to prep the skin so it looks the best. First you want to remove any unwanted hair so take this time to shave your legs, wax or use hair removal cream which ever you prefer. You want soft hair free skin to go with that gorgeous tan. Exfoliate your skin in the shower this is a must no matter what skin type you have its the best thing to do. To remove dead skin focus on the rough spots like elbows and knees! I always reccomend to  moisturize after exfoliating too for extra soft skin. Remember if you have dry skin the fake tan is just going to stick to those patches and make it look a mess.

GIVE YOUR SELF TIME FOR THE APPLICATION DON'T RUSH IT!  You do not want you'r tan to be a 10 minute rush job it will show in the results as a streaky mess. Take your time the results will be much better. Don't put fake tan on quickly before you go out do it the night before. Because you wake up the next day and it is really dark but what you do is go in the shower and let the water take of the build up fake tan. Then it goes a natural sunkissed colour don't panic thinking you are going to look like you've been tangoed.

WHAT FAKE TAN TO USE?  This all depends on what result you are wanting i have tried more a less every fake tan out there. So if your going on a night out and you want the results quick with out waiting to build it up i would reccomend mousse its the best fake tan kind i love it. I apply it at  the night. Then go in the shower the next day and it looks lovely.
If your wanting a hint of colour without going full on tanned straight away a gradual tan is your best option. I love gradual tan i use it in winter. Just apply it everyday until your happy with the colour the best thing is its a moisturizer too!
I wouldn't reccomend spray tan because it is so hard to do and a lot of mess. The only time i would reccomend them is if you are going to a salon to have it done.

1. Fake tan mitt you need this to apply the tan (buy one here at feel unique)
2. Exfoliating gloves to remove dead skin and make applying the tan smoothly it makes the results so much better (Buy here from feel unique)
3. After exfoliating you want to keep up the soft skin i would reccomend cocoa butter (Buy here from feel unique)


1. Vita Liberata this gives such a beautiful result £22.50 (Buy here from feel unique)
2. St moriz fake tan i always get the colour medium gives results more a less straight away great price good results £4.99 (Buy here from feel unique)

1. St Tropez Gradual tan £12.15 (Buy here from feel unique)
2. Garnier summerbody gradual tan £5.10 i get the colour deep (Buy here from feel unique)

What do you think to wearing fake tan let me know in the comments
                                                                        lauren x
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