Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogmas day 16 | Im so happy with my blog!

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 16 today I feel like a chatty post more writing for you to read. And I really hope you enjoy it:). Anway as  you know this is my first ever Christmas blogging so I have been pretty brave to do blogmas. Seen as I haven't had my blog that long. But I just decided to do it and im really glad I have. I think I would of regretted not doing Blogmas. And it will be nice to look back at.
So thinking back to before I had this blog!
I always wanted to start a blog I had so many ideas in my head on what to post. I was always reading other peoples and wishing I could do it myself. Of course I could but there was always a voice in the back of my head telling me not to. Which is so silly because its something I want to do. I always thought that people might laugh or find it stupid. But honestly now I don't think at the negatives one little bit. I think more about the positives on my blog. I love that I'm free to write what ever I like when I ever I like. Its nice to have my own little place on the web. Where my personality is expressed. I love getting comments they make ever so happy but when I first started I never really thought about comments,followers and views. I was just so happy that I had the confidence to put up my posts. But now I'm slowly getting more followers it has made me very happy. To know people are reading your blog and enjoying it. Is the best feeling ever.

I love this blog and i'm really happy about how its turned out. When I picture what it looked like at the beginning its crazy to see how much its changed for the good. I have improved my skills and I now know about HTML codes took me ages but I got it in the end! I think having my blog has gave me a whole lot of confidence to. And its good practice for the future if I want to become a journalist. My advice to anybody who is thinking about starting a blog is to say just go for it. You never know unless you try. You don't want to live your life forever thinking what if! Thank you for following and reading my blog it means so much to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post let me know what you think in the comments
                                                                             lauren x
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