Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogmas day 2 favourite Christmas songs

Welcome to blogmas day 2 I'm so excited to be doing blogmas because I am such a festive person. I love watching vlogmas so I was really excited to take the blog approach to vlogmas. How cute is the candy cane picture I took I made them into little hearts. This is my first ever year of blogmas and I hope there will be many more years to come as I love blogging and I love Christmas so I think its a good combination. Blogging every day till Christmas eve is going to be hard, I'm not going to
lie but I like a challenge and I do always find it fun to blog. I love writing about life  beauty and fashion and I love it when you lot comment on my posts.
                                                   I will still be doing my usual posts like fashion and beauty but I just think its nice to do day in the life type post every so often.  Because its nice to be able to feel like you can communicate with me on my blog.  I have been planning quite a few posts for this month and I cant wait to publish them for you to see. So because this is the Christmas month  I will be writing a lot about Christmas. So my beauty post will be more Christmas related and so will my outfit posts. Today I wanted it to  be a really laid back post to break myself into the daily blogging.
Now were in December I have been listening to Christmas songs non stop so why not share them with you to get everybody in the festive spirit! Turn them up loud and sing really badly you know you want to.

Selfiè of the day I've been loving having my hair curly i curl my hair with straightners for more of a bigger curl effect
                                                         My top 5 Christmas songs
Christmas song can be classed as cheesy but I just love them it wouldn't be Christmas with out them.
                        1. Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas is my number one favourite Christmas song
                        2.  Leona Lewis One More Sleep I love this Christmas song its fairly new it was only released last year
                               3.  Wham! last Christmas
                                4.  Wizzard  I wish it could be Christmas everyday
                                   5.  Slade merry Christmas 
                         What are your favourite Christmas songs let me know in the comments

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