Christmas Traditions

Hello everyone, welcome to blogmas day 4. I can't believe it's the 4th of  December all ready its flying by. Before we know it Christmas eve will be here. Today I was thinking about Christmas traditions. I found out my old advent calendar from when I was little; it's one of those where you fill it yourself. I got it when i was around 3 or 4. My nanan got it me and my cousin one. It's so cute I still love it and have it up today. I was told its a collectors item and might be worth something in time. I'm not bothered about the money and I would never sell it as it is quite sentimental to me. I would love for it to become a item that is passed down the family its so cute when things like that happen. 


This is the advent calendar it's so cute I love the detail and colour. The santa at the top is so cute with the beard. My mum used to fill it with chocolate then when it got to the 24th pouch Christmas eve, she used to put a present in it as its quite a big pouch. I loved the tradition of it and it looks really nice as a decoration. I think items like this are so special to keep and look back at all the memories. When I look at it i straight away think of when I was little getting excited about the build up to Christmas day and opening the pouches. I still feel the same way about Christmas and I always will! I will never be a Scrooge type of person! you'll never catch me saying Bah hum bug haha.
What do you think of blogmas so far let me know in the comments!  
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