Sunday, 28 December 2014

For those casual days..

I wanted to do a fashion post today. I paired a mustard coloured jumper with a striped shirt underneath . It makes it look like  the jumper has a collar I love the look it goes really well. It's nice and casual but it looks like you have made the effort instead of looking like you have just thrown whatever on. I love layering and its great for winter to keep nice and warm. So I hope you like this look. I don't think I will be up to a great deal today as its really icy it snowed and there was no grit which has turned the roads and paths into ice skating rinks. I'm gutted because I really want to do some sales shopping so badly. I'm looking at my money sad because I can't spend it on clothes I hope the gritters come today please. Anyway its just a quick post the pictures are taken on my iPad sorry, I didn't feel like getting my camera out and uploading them to my laptop because it's all of a sudden become really slow so I stick to the iPad. I hope you don't mind.