Friday, 30 January 2015

A few favourites..

Hello everyone sorry I have  been away from my blog for a bit but as you know I am having a few troubles with my laptop but its working okay today (fingers crossed it stays that way). Anyway I am getting a little bored of not being able to write on my laptop. I mean I do love writing posts on my ipad  but I cant put pictures from my camera on it. So the pictures don't turn out as good quality but I have seen a camera connection kit on the apple website so I will look into that. Anyway I thought I would show you a few products I have been loving I cant really call it a January favourites because some of the things I haven't long since got. But anyway I thought I would show you these and maybe help you discover new products to try for your self. I love reading these posts and watching these videos so I was very eager to write my own. So here goes...

Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel.
I love this facial wash its great and because I have sensitive skin I always stick to simple. I know these products don't have any harsh chemicals in.

Bourjois chocolate bronzer
I have loved this bronzer for many years now and I have never used any other.  For a drugstore brand its amazing its not orange its a nice subtle tan colour. Its great for contouring and lasts quite a long time.

Bourjois chocolate bronzer

Simple kind to skin micellar cleansing water
I love micellar waters but because I have such sensitive skin I do find it hard to find one that doesn't cause any irritation
and I have finally found it! (Hurrah!)

Girl online book
I love to find a good book to read. So when I found out Zoe Sugg (Zoella) had written her very own novel I just had to read it. And I was not disappointed this book has such a lovely story I don't want to go into to much detail in case you haven't or you are reading it. But all I am going to say is go buy it you will not regret!

Benefit porefessional and moisturiser

Benefit porefessional primer
This primer is great It makes my foundation last all day. softens my skin and reduces the sight of pores making them look like you don't have any at all! Brilliant.

Benefit triple performing moisturiser
I love this moisturiser its so good and the best thing about it is that it is suitable for all skin types!
which is great news for somebody who has combination skin like me.

What do you think of these products would you try them let me know in the comments.
Lauren x

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