Body image.

Hello today I felt like writing a serious post because I do think it's much needed. I have wrote a post like this before but I don't think I went in to enough detail. So I want to write another . As you can tell by the title this is targeted on  how we see our selfs. It's horrible to see and hear so many girls thinking they have to look perfect all the time. How they feel their in competition with other girls to look the best. I do honestly blame many magazine for this issue. They portray celebs to be absoultey perfect not a single blemish on them. How ridiculous is this they have to photoshop a picture to make the person look un real. Everybody has blemishes and imperfections there is honestly no such thing as perfect. When we are reading a magazine article and it reads "the dream body" and it shows a very slim girl with a toned body. It gets me mad because how can they categorise one body  type as "the dream body". We all look different some girls have big hips, some have small the list is endless we are all unique!

I have had my on issues with body image. I constantly was picking at my self looking for flaws which I know now is so silly. Why do we do this to our selfs makings are selfs feel worthless. I would always compare myself. I used to be a little chubby when I was younger it's was just a phase I went through I used to get mean comments about my weight. But as soon as I went up to secondary school I started loosing weight because I was getting taller and I also changed my diet a lot and ate very healthy. But the healthy eating did turn into a obsession. Which I now have under control the feeling to loose weight made me feel very happy and I just wanted to loose more and more. Luckily I got that sorted. But it annoys me how girls have this huge amount of pressure to look perfect. I hate how mean people can cause so many problems. I hear a lot of people getting bullied getting mean comments like I did and they end up getting eat disorders. I think people should really watch what they say let them live their own life. As long as your healthy and happy don't let anybody bring you down. That's exactly what they want. Be happy in your own skin then your confidence will just grow you are your own person and you should be happy the way you are. We all have are own blemishes and I can honestly say and proudly say I have blemishes and imperfections but I don't care they make me who I am. 


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