Friday, 2 January 2015

Day of shopping

Today I had a full day of shopping which to me is a lot of fun. I have been planning to do abit of sales shopping but the snow and ice put my plans on hold. Now the snow and ice has gone I can finally go. So I thought I would do  a post on what I bought today I am not bragging what so ever so please do not take it that way. I just wanted to show you want I've got and it will make a nice post I think.

 Benefit bigger than BB. I love benefit makeup its so good I love the packaging to I got the makeup artist to match me up and I also tried it on before I bought it and loved it. Just because it says bb cream doesn't mean it doesn't give coverage because it does its very buildable and lightweight it really doesn't feel like I am wearing any makeup at all! which is great I don't want it to be cakey. 

The makeup artist also put this moisturiser and primer on I loved the look so I bought it I was lucky because
they had a special offer where you get a free bottle of moisturiser with the primer which is great

I popped into h&m and saw this gorgeous yellow jacket how perfect is it I love the colour great for spring/summer

I also got these trousers from h&m the print may not be everyones taste but I think they really suit me they go really well with the jacket. I bought them because they was on the manikin with the jacket. I love them
lauren x

Let me know what you think of my items in the comments
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